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“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”

Summer Camp!

The Summer Programs combine academics, creative projects, physical education, chapel, and exciting field trips to create a summer of FUN!

Kindergartners – 5th graders

Threes and Fours (Pre-K)

God has gifted us with a beautiful planet that meets our needs, a culturally diverse population with which to share it, and the ability to learn all about Him and His vast creation. This summer we will learn to Love God, Love (His) Children, and Love Learning through exploring God’s wonderful creation in its many forms.

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the pillars has 3 locations

Teacher of the Year

Ms. Joanne

Ms. Joanne

Congratulations to Ms. Joanne on being named the Teacher of the Year for the Reed Center! Ms. Joanne is the Lead Teacher in the Three B Classroom and runs a fun, loving, hands-on classroom in which she’s enjoys seeing and sharing in the growth of the children throughout the year.

With a gift for dealing with the developmental challenges in young children, Ms. Joanne enjoys helping all of the students in her class reach their developmental milestones.

Ms. Joanne joined our team in 2009 and is working to renew her Childhood Associate credential. She has been in the childcare field for 20 years! We love and appreciate Ms. Joanne!

Geneva Dickeson

Geneva Dickeson

Congratulations to Ms. Geneva on being named the Teacher of the Year! As the Lead Teacher in the Two B classroom, Ms. Geneva is firm, but fun, and she focuses on teaching the children to communicate with their teachers and each other. To keep things interesting, she uses words, repetitive phrases, sign language, and singing. Ms. Geneva also focuses on social skills and her goal is for the children to learn to share, be patient, and follow the rules. Her favorite classroom activities are circle time, art and music movement.

Ms. Geneva understands the role that she plays in each of her students’ lives and she teaches from the heart. With a gift for dealing with the all-too-common challenging behavior of toddlers and young children, Ms. Geneva often welcomes children from other classrooms who just need a place to relax and refocus.

Ms. Geneva joined our team in 2012 and recently earned her Childhood Development Associate credential. She has been in the childcare field for over 20 years. We are so proud of Ms. Geneva!

Melissa Anderson
The Pillars Christian Learning Center, Inc.