Why You Should Send Your Child to a Christian SchoolParents often spurn the idea of a Christian school and choose public schools for their children. Some reasons include finances, location, and perceived academic deficiencies. Parents should look again and investigate how Christian schools are great for children. In this article, you are going to read a couple of reasons why a Christian education is good for your children. There are more biblical and practical arguments but these are the most convincing.

The Word of God is taught to children

It’s the parents’ responsibility to oversee what their children learn in school. As Proverbs 22:6 has said, “ Train up a child in the way he should go…”, this is a direct command to all parents from above. What your child will learn in school should be an extension of your views and values. The teachers you are going to entrust your children with should be the kind of person you will hire if they were teaching in your home.

A school is a place where children spend most of their early lives.his is where they are going to learn things that will mold them into who they will be. When deciding your child’s education, it makes sense to turn to the One who invented education itself. Christian schools are refreshing and offer a biblical alternative. God’s Word is taught here and is applied in every aspect of activities in school.

We are commanded by God to teach the children through His Word

Most of the public schools today have chosen to ignore the creator as they’ve proclaimed that they are shapers of the human mind. As students go in pursuit of knowledge, it should also be imbued in them to pursue the knowledge of God. After all, wisdom and understanding are by-products of such doings and these are rewards from God Himself.

As a Christian parent, you are expected by God to nurture your children’s hearts and minds with His Word. This is best done in homes, churches, and in school. An education that uses the Word of God as its foundation produces spiritually-mature human beings. With consistent teaching about God’s truth, they’re made wiser and makes them better thinkers.

A better level of achievement in academics

Why You Should Send Your Child to a Christian School
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Christians schools produce students who consistently score higher than the state and national averages of those from public schools. Their test scores in standardized exams are above the curve. That means that they are better prepared for college in all subject areas.

Christian schools share your own values

Most Christians have taught their kids about God since day one. They’ve taken them to church, told them stories from the Bible, sung songs about Jesus and God. If you are like these parents, why would you enroll your children in schools that disapprove or ignore God?

The best public schools are prohibited to teach and reinforce Godly values to children by law. Either they’re against them or completely disregard them. Parents care about their children’s spiritual development as well as their mental growth. You’ll spend hours to bridge the gap between Christianity and humanism. This gap shouldn’t even exist if the kids had attended a Christian school.

Entrust your children’s education to a school that also shares your values. This way, you’ll have more time to bond with your children when they’re home from school.

Safe for children

Public schools are often overcrowded and can only go so far if we talk about discipline. The end result: more occurrences of bullying, profanity, and theft. Christian schools are a safe place for children to grow and learn. Although they aren’t devoid of these problems, they are less likely to happen. Students will be met with appropriate disciplinary actions.

Christian schools are institutions that offer a safer and more spiritual environment for kids. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

None of the things mentioned above are meant to criticize parents who opt to let their kids go to public schools. They also don’t demean and belittle teachers from public schools. This article is meant to inform that public schools don’t educate children through the Bible’s ways. Regardless of how you view Christian schools, this article encourages you to seek God in everything, including your child’s education. If you are looking for a Christian school for your children, visit The Pillars and learn more about us.