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8 Tips to Teach your Kids to Calm Down

The ability to manage emotions isn’t something that comes easy, especially for young kids. If you’re a parent, you might have already experienced all sorts of tantrums and meltdowns. While we want to control our child’s behavior, there’s no way we can limit their emotions. We can’t stop them from being upset. This is why your child needs your help. […]

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5 Uncommon Ways to Stop Toddler Power Struggles

Parents endure toddler power struggles very often. Before they go to work, children throw tantrums because they don’t want their parents to leave. Other times, they fight their parents due to the food for lunch or dinner. Some instances involve fighting due to the screen time they have and their parents just set the limit. Parents feel puzzled on how to manage their toddlers, especially if they refuse to listen to their words. […]

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Top 3 Recipes to Make for National Chocolate Cake Day

Throughout the year, people celebrate a number of different holidays. Be Black Friday or Thanksgiving, people have assigned almost every single day to any holiday that they could think of. But what’s so special about chocolate to have a day for it? […]

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How to Deal with Child Separation Anxiety at Drop Off

When children go to school, they feel anxious, especially if they see their parents drive off to work. Parents deal with child anxiety separation in different ways, but is it effective? Some children continue crying even after they arrive inside their classroom. Parents wonder how to calm their children. […]

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Preschool vs. Pre-Kindergarten: Similarities and Differences

A quality early childhood education (ECE) is all about providing young children a well-rounded curriculum. This will nurture and foster their growth and learning at a young age. It’s about encouraging the children to communicate, create, cooperate, and think critically. These are skills that children need to develop over time to prepare themselves as they grow up. Parents value the significance of ECE but the challenging part now is choosing between a preschool or a pre-k program. Both offer benefits to a child but what’s the difference between these two? Is pre-k really necessary? Both preschool and pre-k programs address [...]

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Tips to Prepare your Children for the New School Year

Prepare school essentials in good time It’s August, summer is finally coming to an end and the new school year is right around the corner. Time for  parents and students all over the country to start their back to school preparations. Whether your children look forward to this event or they dread the regimented school days ahead, one thing is for sure – back to school entails another big transition. Help your kids cope with the biggest adjustments and make those first weeks of school easier for them with the following tips: Start talking about the upcoming school [...]

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How To Celebrate National Bike Month With Your Kids

Ask just about anyone and they can usually -- and vividly -- remember when they first learned to ride a bike! It’s just something you never forget... No matter how long it’s been since you hopped on a bike, National Bike Month provides the perfect reason to get back out there and ride again! Here’s how to celebrate that amazing invention, the bicycle, with your kids... and start a new, healthy habit as a family! Getting started Begin by setting out the rules for safe biking. Even if your kids aren’t old enough to really remember everything you’re telling them, [...]

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What to Look for in a Summer Program in San Antonio

With summer just around the corner, parents are starting to look for the best possible summer camp experience for their children. Aside from providing an excellent childcare option during summer months, a summer camp program teaches valuable skills kids can use in the future. It can contribute to a child’s personal, social and intellectual development. And because the options are almost endless, it is important to make sure you choose a summer program that is a right fit for your child. Here are some of the things to look for in a summer program in San Antonio. The summer camp’s [...]

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Reasons Why You Should Educate Children on the Value of Volunteering

Raising kids isn’t easy…especially in a society that often seems so self-absorbed. (selfies, anyone?) So how can parents help kids see beyond their own immediate interests and concerns? By involving their children in opportunities to volunteer their time and energies towards helping others. While volunteering benefits those on the receiving end – both the individuals and organizations served – it’s hard to quantify how much volunteering benefits the “giver” just as much…if not more. When you give your child opportunities to help others through volunteering you’re also helping them learn: Empathy When looking for opportunities to volunteer, the closer your [...]

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