Texas Rising Star

There are a lot of ways to measure if a child care facility will be right for you and your children. You can take a tour and meet the staff, read reviews online, read tips from online sources — but if you want to know for sure whether or not a potential daycare meets your criteria, there’s one thing that can give you full confidence.

The Texas Rising Star program is “a voluntary, quality-based child care rating system of child care providers participating in the Texas Workforce Commission’s subsidized child care program.” Those who meet the certification criteria will be given a Texas Rising Star (TRS) Certification.

Studies have shown that when at-risk children attend quality child care programs, they are more likely to be prepared for school entry. The Pillars Christian Learning Center wanted to be a part of these children’s education and future learning possibilities.

We seek to exceed the State’s Minimum Child Care Licensing Standards(CCL) for:

  • Child Care San AntonioDirector and staff qualifications: The more experienced and qualified teachers, staff, and caregivers who are working with your students, the better you can feel about our child care program.
  • Caregiver-child interactions: We want to give your children the personal attention they need to succeed. The TRS program measures the caregiver to child ratio and the quality of interactions between caregivers and children.
  • Age-appropriate curriculum and activities: We try to use the curriculum to create and implement lesson plans that will teach your children what they need to be successful when they enter grade school.
  • Nutrition and indoor and outdoor activities: Nutrition and play are essential to the development of your children. TRS looks at our nutrition policies as well as the equipment, materials, and the indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Parent involvement and education: Our child care program want parents to be as involved in their children’s education as possible.

History of Texas Rising Star

In the 1970’s, there were standards for quality child care, but they were discontinued in the 1980’s. After they were discontinued, each state tried to develop their own standards based on the federal standards. Final criteria was developed and used between 1991 and 2000. In October of 2000, TWC (Texas Workforce Commission), board staff, child care contractors and providers issued the TRS Provider Guidelines.

Knowing that the Pillars Christian Learning Center is accredited by the Texas Rising Star program, you can be confident that you are giving your children the best education and care possible. With qualified and experienced staff, a faith-based curriculum, a dedication to providing children with the nutrition and playtime that they need, and striving for as much parent involvement as possible, we want to give you peace of mind each morning when you drop off your child.

We can’t wait to show your children how exciting learning can be. From infants to toddlers to before and after school programs, we provide opportunities for children across the San Antonio area to learn and succeed. If you want to learn more about our programs, staff, or child care facility, give us a call today.