Our son, 4 and daughter, 2 attend The Pillars Christian Learning Center. We began searching for a new child care facility because our previous one just didn’t have the educational foundation we were looking for. I am so glad we found The Pillars. The care our children receive is EXCELLENT!

My husband was shocked when he picked up our 4-year-old son and he started reading aloud from a book. He had been in Ms. Denise’s pre-school class for only a few months and had learned how to sound out words and read! He is also doing great in math, has learned computer skills and geography, has memorized 14 Bible verses and his manners have greatly improved! Ms. Denise’s pre-school class cannot be beat — even by more expensive private versions. As for my 2-year-old, she has learned all of her ABC’s, colors, basic shapes and can count to 20. Her teacher, Ms. Melissa, is wonderful! My daughter loves her. She has helped me let go of her “binky” and made her feel comfortable to potty train during school. (I am happy to report she is 100% potty trained!)

As full-time working parents, we have tremendous peace of mind knowing that our children are well taken care of while we are at work. In addition to their academic program, my children are exposed to a strong Christian foundation which is important to us and will benefit them throughout their lives. I feel privileged to have access to such outstanding child care. We have recommended The Pillars to five other Military families who have also been amazed at the care their children are now receiving.