As a school counselor and former teacher, I searched extensively for a daycare that provided a well-rounded approach to child care. I, of course, wanted a nurturing environment, but beyond that, I needed to feel confident that there was a good balance of educational, social and behavioral skills.

My search ended when I met Ms. Dawn and was introduced to The Pillars. In the two years that I have had my children at The Pillars, they have clearly shown they have a superb philosophy of care, coupled with a knowledge base for children’s developmental and emotional needs.

My oldest daughter is 3 and the cognitive skills and awareness she develops during her days at The Pillars never cease to amaze me. My youngest daughter is 18 months and her growth and accomplishments from day to day are extraordinary. This is all due to the loving and enriching environment the Pillars provides.
The public school system as well as daycare providers are teachers, nurses, counselors and much more. The Pillars accepts and adheres to those roles and challenges each and every day. The Pillars has more than prepared my girls for the educational, social and behavioral skills they will need when they make the transition to the school system. I am so thankful for Ms. Dawn and her amazing staff of teachers who know it takes a partnership between parent and school to make magic happen