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What Our Child Care Center is Learning This Summer

What parents of our students love about The Pillars Christian Learning Center is our summer programs. Making it easy for parents to keep their work schedule and keep the early learning going for kids throughout the summer months. During the month of July, we want to focus on learning to love everyone in the world, regardless of where they live or what they look like. Learning about other cultures around the world, in the states, and within our own community, we can appreciate each other’s differences and see the beauty in everyone. To start the learning off, here are some [...]

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The Importance of an Arts Education

There is a growing focus in schools toward math, science, and reading; and while the arts may be taking a hit, having a strong art education for early learning is none the less important. At The Pillars Christian Learning Center, our focus is early childhood development, including all areas of education. Singing, playing musical instruments, and getting our hands dirty with finger paints, we understand the importance of having art in your youngster’s lives. Here are just a few reasons why we think having an arts focus is important at our child care center. Motor Skills Many arts activities are [...]

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Nurturing Social Skills in Children

We all want our children to grow up successful and have a strong character. While there are many different factors that can affect who our children grow up to be, having strong social skills throughout life can give them an edge. From the very beginning, children are picking up on social cues from those around them, parents, friends, teachers, and even observing interactions between strangers. At The Pillars Christian Learning center, our child care center wants to nurture your children in a variety of ways, including growing strong social skills. To learn more about our learning center, give us a [...]

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Help Your Toddler Learn

In a previous blog, we talked about ways to help your baby learn by playing games, singing songs, and talking to them. In this post, we’ll jump ahead by a year or two and discuss ways in which you can help your toddler learn, including activities with textures, measuring, and organization. At our learning center, we want children of every age to love learning and experiencing the world in new and exciting ways. With a traditional education, along with playtime and quiet time, your child can enjoy the time they spend with us. Play With Texture Play time is a [...]

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Education and Healthy Nutrition

People of all ages need to have a diet full of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins in order to have energy for the day. For children, it is not only important to have a healthy diet, but it is essential for them to develop properly and grow strong. When you drop off your child at our learning center, you can be confident that they are receiving the nutrition they need to focus throughout the day, have the energy to play, and get the vitamins and minerals they need to grow strong and healthy bodies. We want to instill in them [...]

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Different Types of Play

Do you remember playing hours and hours outside after school? How about how much fun you had playing with your friends during recess? What about the times on the weekends when you got together with neighborhood friends to play? All of those different times that you remember playing were possibly a different type of play that are beneficial to early childhood development. In the previous blog, we discussed how important playing is for early learning and development. Now, we will talk about different varieties of play and what they can learn from each. When so much focus is put on [...]

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What to Ask When Touring a Child Care Center

It can be difficult enough going back to work after having a baby, trying to find a child care center shouldn’t make it more difficult. With so many centers in the San Antonio area, and many of them having limited, if any availability for new children, it can be a frustrating and challenging job finding a center that you are confident in and can trust your child’s education to. Don’t just accept the first center that has space, find one that you can trust in by asking these very important questions to learn the most about the potential learning center. [...]

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