San Antonio Toddler Daycare

toddle. try. trust.

Whoever said, “The Twos are Terrible,” has not been to The Pillars. Designed for 12- to 24-month-olds, our Toddlers Program is all about transition and child development. We make it fun and smooth—from sleeping in cribs to napping on mats. We learn, we practice, we get introduced to all kinds of cool, new things like letters, numbers, and colors.

Getting to two is such an amazing adventure!

Our days are full and include fun, active and quiet play periods. Toddlers practice picking up their own toys, sharing with friends, washing their hands and the process of potty training begins. Daily activities include learning songs, dancing to music, enjoying outside play, working on puzzles and reading picture books. Toddlers also begin to tap their fine and gross motor skills by way of various activities that jumpstart their cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills.