San Antonio Infant Daycare

coo. cuddle. comfort

Oh, baby! The Pillars Infant Room at our child care center offers a loving and nurturing setting for your infant. With parent or guardian guidance and oversight, we implement a daily feeding, changing and naptime schedule with simple rituals that mirror what you do at home. You will feel comfortable and at peace knowing your baby is in capable hands, and being held in loving arms.

Oh, baby, this is the place for you!

Our Infant Room teachers (including the “Grandma every baby should have”) introduce stories and songs. A typical day includes a little sunshine and some fresh air — with outdoor playtime, weather permitting. We plan activities to help and support infants in each stage of their critical development with early learning. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful with just the right amount of stimulation during awake periods. We clap. We crawl. We comfort. We cuddle. We coo. Sometimes we even have parties! The Pillars is committed to keeping you informed, so we document everything your baby does throughout the day. At the end of each day, we give you a full report of what we observed.