San Antonio Christian Preschool

dress-up. dream. do.

There’s so much that our 2s, 3s, and 4s have to discover. The Pillars Christian Learning Center introduces the A Beka curriculum, used widely in Christian learning settings. We also introduce learning centers and circle time. There’s dress-up, role playing, story time, musical instruments, puzzles, blocks galore and much, much more.

We are big kids now!

Children in this children’s learning center program continue to explore the use of their fine and gross motor skills. It’s all about getting kids ready for kindergarten and the big move to a public or private school with child development. Two’s focus on learning numbers and letters. Three’s work on letters, sounds, and more numbers. Preschoolers begin to grasp basic reading and math concepts, engage in science projects and even learn some simple computer skills. All three programs incorporate arts activities, music and the study of other cultures.