We can help you through this COVID-19 crisis

The world is in a state of uncertainty. Everyone has felt the effects.

Just like you, we are working through this time alongside our families and our staff.

We understand that many families do not have the choice to stay home. You’re in critical fields serving the community. So we are striving to serve those of you who still need childcare to be able to go and do your job. We couldn’t all see this through without each other. In addition, we are taking extraordinary precautions at all of our centers to ensure the safety of our Pillars children and their families.

We are still open for business. With some of these considerations, we are doing our part to flatten the curve. Here’s just some of what we are doing:

  • Our lobbies are closed. Only our team members and students are premitted inside, and only after having their temperature taken.
  • Pick-up, drop-off, and other in-person interactions are limited. We want to do out best to practice social distancing.
  • Some playground equipment and some indoor activities are off limits for the safety of our children and staff.
  • As they’ve always been, our standard cleaning practices are intensive. But we’ve stepped up the frequency and intensity of our cleaning across our facilities.
  • Any child who shows any sign of being sick prior to entering the facility will be immediately sent home to avoid infecting others. Only healthy individuals will be allowed inside.
    We want to do out part with diligence and determination to keep our communities safe. This too shall pass.
    When it does pass, we’ll still be here. Caring for our community’s children the same way we always have:
    With Compassion, Integrity, Faith and a passion for your child’s Development.