5 Effective Ways to Help Boost your Child’s Immune System

Keeping ourselves safe in the midst of a worldwide health crisis is a challenge not only for our world leaders but also for us parents who want to keep everyone in the family safe. If we could keep our children away from unwelcome diseases at all times and wrap them up in a plastic bubble, we would, but that’s of course, outrageous and impossible.  So what should we do then? The next best step is to work on boosting our child’s immune system. Luckily we have antibodies that protect us by naturally fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses that make [...]

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How to Make Traveling with Kids Easy and Stress-free

Do you know what’s fun? For a lot of us, that’s traveling the world, exploring new sights and finding new experiences. But do you know what’s even better? Seeing your child’s face light up in joy with beaming smiles as they take in these new experiences with you. Traveling with kids can be a hassle when things don’t go as planned. Luckily, times have changed and traveling with kids has become more convenient.  Thanks to the internet, traveling the world has become more accessible. Planning is as easy as a few clicks of a mouse button. Need to book a [...]

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Your Guide to Helping Children Develop Emotional Literacy

Emotional literacy is the ability to identify, understand, name, and process feelings. Not just your own, but also the feelings expressed by others. This deeply undervalued and unappreciated skill is a better indicator of intelligence and a better predictor of success than IQ. At least that’s what the latest research suggests. So what is it and how can we help cultivate it in our children? Appreciating the nuance A big part of emotional literacy is understanding and embracing just how complex feelings can be. The English language has over 4,000 words that describe feelings. Almost always, what a person is [...]

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How to Teach Your Child Time Management Skills

If you think that adults are the only ones who go through the dilemma of dealing with the morning rush, you thought wrong. Even kids feel the pressure that comes along with statements like “you need to get dressed quick!” or “you’re going to be late for school!”. Young kids barely understand the concept of time but it’s never too early to teach them time management skills. Not only is this a perfect opportunity for parents to teach their kids how to tell time, but learning this set of skills can teach them how to independently organize their schedules which [...]

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5 Tips for Effectively Handling Toddler Tantrums at Bedtime

It’s every parent’s dream to have it easy when it comes to bedtime with kids. Who wouldn’t want peaceful evenings to relax and enjoy some time for themselves after all? But working with toddlers can pose a huge challenge. Toddler tantrums at bedtime is a common nightmare that parents with younger kids face regularly. Not only can this cause a lot of stress for you, but it also does for the child who’s going through it. This period in parenting is rough but being sleep-deprived should not be the norm when raising your child. Here are a few effective parenting [...]

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Problem with Short Attention Span? 5 Tips to Help your Child Focus

If you have been pulling your hair out trying to get your child’s attention to do a certain task, the good news is that you’re not alone. The bad news is that this problem has become so widespread in the digital age where online games and social media have taken over a huge chunk of your child’s attention. But hey, there’s a solution. Think of your child’s attention span as a commodity. They run out, but they also replenish at certain times of a day. They get distracted when their minds are overstimulated, yet sometimes they can hold it for [...]

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4 Benefits of Positive Reinforcement in Improving Child Behavior

When we were kids back in the day, it may have been the “norm” to be on the receiving end of  our parents’ bursts of emotions, yelling, and even a bit of spanking when we misbehaved. A system of rewards and punishment – while it may seem like a logical form of discipline – can have negative long-term side effects and can possibly do more harm than good for children. According to a 2013 study from the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Adolescents whose parents yell at them have an increased risk of depression and aggressive behavior, some of the same [...]

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10 Fun Math Activities Your Kids Will Love

The never-ending quest to keep your children entertained can be easier said than done. While it can be tempting for a parent to put on a television show or give their kids an iPad, there are better options out there. More specifically, there are plenty of fun and educational math activities for your child that are win-win solutions for everybody. Here are ten fun math activities that don't take long to prepare and are sure to be a hit at home: Oreo Fractions One of the best ways to help children become interested in math is by using food. Understanding [...]

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4 Ways To Prepare Healthy Snacks For Kids

Let’s face it. Being a parent in 2019 means being incredibly pressured for time.  Between work, family and everything that comes in between, it can be easy to overlook some tasks during the day. And it’s even easier to look for a convenient compromise. But when it comes to nutrition and preparing healthy snacks for your kids, there can’t be  any compromise. Ensuring that your kids eat healthy food is a necessity. In addition to teaching children about the value of nutrition, it’s also important to teach them how  to make the best choices. You want them to make choices [...]

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7 Benefits of Adequate Family Time

The importance of spending quality time with the family can’t be discounted. Quality time is paramount for strengthening bonds and raising happy children. However, in a world that’s dominated by technology, an adequate family is often overlooked and taken for granted. A lot of us are busier than ever with work, chores, and other things that distract us from what really matters. If you find yourself caught in this dilemma, here are just some of the benefits of family time that you should consider. Building a lasting connection Spending time together as a family is an excellent way to bond, [...]

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