6 Helpful Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents

There is no doubt that being a parent can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. However, parenting can also be challenging and time-consuming. Many parents feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done! The stress of juggling work, family obligations, and personal needs can be overwhelming at times. Many parents find themselves with less time than they would like. If you find yourself caught in a similar dilemma, you might find these time-saving tips handy so you can capture some time for yourself each day. Get everything ready the night before Are mornings [...]

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6 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

Outside four walls of a classroom lies a plethora of learning opportunities for students to learn new skills and acquire knowledge.  These opportunities include things that children may or may not learn in a typical classroom setting. Young kids can learn a tremendous amount by exploring the world around them and participating in extracurricular activities. Taking part in extracurricular activities can benefit children in many ways. In addition to providing children with fun learning opportunities, these activities can also inspire kids to explore new passions and interests. Through extracurricular activities, kids are provided with experiences that help to further enrich [...]

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6 Healthy Habits Every Child Should Learn Now

Children are not born knowing how to stay healthy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn. Children in preschool or grade school may not understand the reasons why they should brush their teeth and eat fruits and vegetables every day, and this is where your role as a parent comes in.  Parents play an important role when it comes to educating their kids and teaching them the importance of healthy habits. Keep in mind that just telling children how to take good care of their bodies and their health isn’t enough. They need to actually understand why these habits are [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Make Kids Enjoy Learning

Learning is a life-long journey. For children, learning takes place when they listen, observe, explore, ask questions, and experiment. Learning isn’t just limited to the four walls of a classroom. Because learning is an integral part of a child’s growth and development, being motivated and interested in learning is crucial. However, not all kids enjoy learning as much as others. Some kids find learning boring, while some others simply lack motivation.  As a parent, you play an important role in your child’s learning. There are steps you can take to help your child cultivate a positive attitude towards learning. It [...]

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Managing Emotions: Tips for Teaching Kids about Emotion Regulation

Just like talking and walking, and reading and writing, managing emotions isn’t a skill that comes naturally to children. Rather, this ability is one that kids need to learn and develop. This is important for parents to understand as well.  Dealing with meltdowns and tantrums can be one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood. It’s important for us to understand that managing one’s impulsive reactions and controlling our own emotions is difficult for young kids. Scolding little ones or sending them to their rooms to calm down is not sufficient or effective. This can lead children to either suppress [...]

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How to Teach Preschoolers about Conflict Resolution

None of us will go through life without encountering some degree of conflict from time to time. Conflicts are a normal part of life for both adults and children. Even preschoolers will face the occasional conflict, such as minor friendship issues, disagreements, and misunderstandings at school. Building and maintaining friendships isn’t always a smooth ride for young children, and they will encounter bumps on the road from time to time. This is why it’s important for us to teach our little ones the skills needed for conflict resolution.  One of the most important skills preschoolers can be taught is how [...]

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Choosing a Quality Preschool Program: Why It Matters

When we talk about preschool, many parents immediately envision their little ones being placed in a structured environment where they practice reading and writing. However, there’s so much more to a quality preschool experience than one may think. While it’s true that enrolling your child in a quality preschool program can help expose him or her to learning the fundamentals of academics, there is so much more to a good preschool program than many of us realize.  In preschool, youngsters become familiar with the basics like the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and more. But these aren’t the only things children [...]

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How to Set Toddler Rules and Improve Your Toddler’s Behavior

Every phase of childhood brings its own unique set of challenges. If you ask any parent who has survived the toddler years, you’ll hear a common theme - there’s nothing quite as challenging as raising a toddler. So, what makes this phase so different from all the rest? The toddler years are when kids begin to identify themselves as separate individuals from their parents. This is when they begin to assert themselves and exercise their freedom and independence. However, expressing their thoughts, likes, and dislikes doesn’t always come easily. Thus, the tantrums and other difficult behaviors. This is where the [...]

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5 Fun Ways to Encourage Creative Play

All kids love to play. It is through play that children are able to have fun, express themselves, and identify and convey their thoughts and feelings. While play is a natural facet of early childhood, and is vital to your little one’s overall development, not all play is the same. There is something called “creative play”. Creative play plays an important role in your child’s healthy development and wellbeing. It is through this type of play that youngsters develop confidence and independence. Creative play gives children the opportunity to practice emotion regulation, social skills, decision-making, and other life skills they’ll [...]

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Digital Detox: 4 Tips to Help Kids Unplug

We live in a world dominated by modern technology. Almost everything we do these days involves the use of the internet and technology, both directly and indirectly. While these advances in technology have made a positive difference in our lives in many ways, there is also a downside when it comes to excessive time spent relying on technology. As parents, we may wish we could spend more screen-free quality time together with our families. We may find that our family mealtimes are lacking when it comes to having meaningful conversations. Instead we often find our family members spending mealtime scrolling [...]

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