1. Enjoy Healthy Habits Through the Holidays

    In the last blog post, we discussed the importance of inviting your kids into the kitchen to learn about eating healthy and promoting a love for food. Loving food definitely has its benefits, especially for children who are prone to picky eating, but heading into the holiday season, loving food also has its drawbacks. With Halloween candy, big meals and desserts for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and…Read More

  2. Why Parents Should Invite Their Kids Into the Kitchen

    Do you remember the first time you helped bake some cookies growing up? Or helped out preparing dinner? From dumping a cup of flour into a bowl to stirring a pot of soup, baking or cooking can be a huge benefit for children who help their parents in the kitchen. The Pillars Christian Learning Center is a daycare in San Antonio that wants your children to get a wide range of learning experiences th…Read More

  3. Teaching Children How to Write

    Even though we’re living in an age where computers and cell phones allow us to easily send and accept letters and messages, there are still times when it’s necessary to get out the old pen and paper. So it’s still necessary for our children to learn the important skill of using these tools to write. There are many struggles that come up when toddler and day care age kids begin learning to us…Read More

  4. Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

    If you think your child is ready to make the transition from home life to preschool, read this previous blog for tips to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you aren’t sure if you should make the decision for them to start school, there are a few things to consider. After reading this post, if you decide to wait a year to start at a daycare, there’s no need to worry or fret that your…Read More

  5. Tips on Making a Smooth Transition

    Retail stores and shopping centers are stocking up on school supplies and it’s the beginning of August, so you know what means — time to start preparing for the end of summer and the beginning of the school schedule. It can be hard for kids who have never been in a school environment before to make the transition, but with these tips and the nurturing teachers at our San Antonio daycare, you c…Read More

  6. Top 6 Signs of Autism in Infants

    Among the many worries new parents face, mental and developmental problems may be one of the biggest. Autism especially can be difficult to live with, stressful, and emotionally challenging. At our child care center, The Pillars Christian Learning Center, our teachers are trained to recognize the signs of a child with autism. Even though children commonly aren’t diagnosed with autism until aroun…Read More

  7. Daycare San Antonio

    What Our Child Care Center is Learning This Summer

    What parents of our students love about The Pillars Christian Learning Center is our summer programs. Making it easy for parents to keep their work schedule and keep the early learning going for kids throughout the summer months. During the month of July, we want to focus on learning to love everyone in the world, regardless of where they live or what they look like. Learning about other cultures …Read More

  8. Life Lessons From Mr. Rogers

    The education system in the US is under growing scrutiny these days, but along with that scrutiny, the beloved Mr. Rogers has made a comeback. His passion for child education is clear and his dedication towards children learning compassion, empathy, and self-love is evident in his program. The Pillars Christian Learning Center understands that children do spend time watching television programs bu…Read More

  9. The Importance of an Arts Education

    There is a growing focus in schools toward math, science, and reading; and while the arts may be taking a hit, having a strong art education for early learning is none the less important. At The Pillars Christian Learning Center, our focus is early childhood development, including all areas of education. Singing, playing musical instruments, and getting our hands dirty with finger paints, we under…Read More

  10. Nurturing Social Skills in Children

    We all want our children to grow up successful and have a strong character. While there are many different factors that can affect who our children grow up to be, having strong social skills throughout life can give them an edge. From the very beginning, children are picking up on social cues from those around them, parents, friends, teachers, and even observing interactions between strangers. At …Read More