1. 5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Kids About the Great Outdoors—National Great Outdoors Month

    June has been proclaimed as the Great Outdoors Month. This is a perfect time to share the glory of nature with your child! There are plenty of reasons why you should pack your stuff and enjoy the Great Outdoors with your kids.  Here are just a few of them:       Manage Your Kid’s Excessive Use of Technology There are so many distractions these days competing for your child’s attention.…Read More

  2. daycare

    What to Look for in a Daycare in San Antonio

    Finding the right daycare center to send your child to is never easy. But knowing what to look for can make the process a little easier. Whether you prefer a family daycare or a formal childcare center, it is important you know what to look for. To help you pick the best childcare in San Antonio for your family, here are the basics to look for. A good reputation A good daycare center should be rec…Read More

  3. National bike month

    How To Celebrate National Bike Month With Your Kids

    Ask just about anyone and they can usually -- and vividly -- remember when they first learned to ride a bike! It’s just something you never forget... No matter how long it’s been since you hopped on a bike, National Bike Month provides the perfect reason to get back out there and ride again! Here’s how to celebrate that amazing invention, the bicycle, with your kids... and start a new, healt…Read More

  4. summer camp program

    What to Look for in a Summer Program in San Antonio

    With summer just around the corner, parents are starting to look for the best possible summer camp experience for their children. Aside from providing an excellent childcare option during summer months, a summer camp program teaches valuable skills kids can use in the future. It can contribute to a child’s personal, social and intellectual development. And because the options are almost endless,…Read More

  5. volunteer hands up

    Reasons Why You Should Educate Children on the Value of Volunteering

    Raising kids isn't easy...especially in a society that often seems so self-absorbed. (selfies, anyone?) So how can parents help kids see beyond their own immediate interests and concerns? By involving their children in opportunities to volunteer their time and energies towards helping others. While volunteering benefits those on the receiving end - both the individuals and organizations served - i…Read More

  6. preschool girl playing

    Tips for Choosing the Right Preschool in San Antonio

    Having trouble choosing a preschool for your child? You are not alone. Looking for the best childcare services which will support your little one’s development and learning is a huge step. Making this decision is tough because there are several factors to consider. As a parent, you must consider the different program, curriculum and educational philosophies of each preschool. Trying to figure ou…Read More

  7. a balanced diet

    How to Celebrate National Nutrition Month at Home and School

    "Invest in Yourself - Buy Nutrition" was the theme for the first National Nutrition Month. It was created in 1973 by the American Dietetic Association (ADA). The ADA is known now as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It actually started as a week long to begin with, but has expanded to a full month to reach more people. This month of awareness is meant to help everyone focus on the many benef…Read More

  8. Parent talking to child

    Get Your Kids Talking About School with These 6 Tips

    Trying to have a conversation about school with your kids is not easy. And many parents can’t seem to find the perfect approach. While there’s really no secret recipe on how you can get your kids talking, there are some strategies you may need to learn and apply. And it’s not just as simple as asking them the question “how was school?” Are you also struggling in this area when it comes t…Read More

  9. National Snack Food Month

    Healthy Eating, Your Kids and National Snack Food Month

    February is National Snack Food Month. This is the perfect opportunity to show your kids how healthy snacks are the best snacks for their growing minds and bodies! Let's face it, kids aren't always enthusiastic about healthy eating. But both parents and educators know the more interested and involved a kid is with what they're trying to do, the more enthusiastic and engaged they'll be. This makes …Read More

  10. cool places to visit with your preschooler

    Cool Places to Visit in San Antonio with Your Preschooler

    If you are planning to go on a sunny family vacation, there are plenty of places you can visit in the country. But if you’re interested in going somewhere that is a bit more off the beaten path, consider San Antonio, TX. San Antonio is an ideal vacation destination for families, especially those who have young children. There are plenty of great theme parks, attractions and activities everyone i…Read More