10 Fun Indoor Games To Keep Kids Active

An object in motion tends to remain in motion. And what’s true for physics is also true for your kids. But, Isaac Newton didn’t have children. If he did, he would have known just how challenging it can be to get your child motivated for physical activity—especially when the weather’s bad. Challenging, but not impossible. Children are naturally energetic. But, it only seems to show up when they’re outdoors. And if you’re a Texan, then you know perfectly well how the weather can go from great to inclement at the drop of a hat. It might appear to be easier [...]

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How to Limit Screen Time for Kids: 6 Tips for Every Parent

Today’s kids have been born into a world where technology is part of almost every aspect of their lives. This is why growing up, they are exposed to a vast array of gadgets and electronic devices - some of the things they can hardly live without. While using tablets, smartphones and similar devices can benefit children in several ways, too much time spent on screens can be detrimental to their development. Engaging in sedentary activities for too long can be a cause of obesity, behavior, sleep and school problems. Learn how to limit screen time for kids so that it [...]

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Positive Parenting Techniques You’ll Need

Why is positive parenting important? Positive parenting is built on mutual respect. Children should be viewed as individuals, not as a property. Regardless of their age or gender, they must be regarded as human beings with feelings and the ability to think, process, and make judgments on their own. Leading by example is one of the many ways to enforce positive parenting techniques. Gone are the days of “I am your parent and that is how it must be” or “because I said so”. Why is Positive Parenting Important? It has been said that the very definition of the word [...]

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7 Ways to Positively Parent Strong-Willed Children

Strong-willed children are usually mistaken as stubborn or difficult. Maybe because they know how to stand their ground, they always test their limits, can argue with you forever and are insistent on getting what they want. Well, it may be true that raising these kids can be quite a challenge. But you know what? Your ability to raise them positively can help shape them into successful and amazing adults!  Strong-willed kids can be a handful, but here are some helpful tips to positively parent your child and encourage their cooperation.  Let them learn through experience Strong-willed children are less likely [...]

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Why a Parent-Child Relationship is Important

It’s no secret that being a parent is one of the most challenging roles in the world. From doing research on various parenting styles to trying out different parenting hacks, we always go above and beyond to make sure we raise happy and successful children. But no matter what style we choose to use, at the end of the day, it still boils down to the kind of relationship every parent has with their children. The stronger the parent-child relationship, the better the upbringing.  Understanding parent-child relationships The relationship between a parent and their child is a unique bond that [...]

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How to Make a Child Interested in Studying

The desire and ability to learn vary with every child. Some are naturally born to be good learners while others are not. This is where parents come into play. However, many parents make the mistake of believing that learning is limited to the four corners of a classroom. Schools may be the primary source of education, but if you want to extend your child’s ability to learn, you can make that happen right in the comfort of your own home. Developing an interest in learning can benefit a person from childhood to adulthood. And if you’ve been wondering how to [...]

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8 Tips for Parents with Picky Eaters

You know you have picky eaters when your kids turn their head away from food, push away the spoons or get cranky at meal time. But why do kids turn into picky eaters? The picky eating behavior can either develop due to a number of reasons or for no reason at all. Sometimes it’s because of an immature digestive system, parents that reward or punish them for their eating behaviors or they are beginning to develop their own food preferences. Dealing with this common behavior in children may be frustrating, but here are several tips you can use to help [...]

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6 Effective Ways to Improve your Kids Behavior

“Raising a well-mannered and responsible child is easy”, said no parent ever. Parenting is downright difficult. But no matter how overwhelming it may be, we still strive to do our very best to raise kids who are polite, have the right behaviors and who are going to be successful in the future. Proper behavior doesn’t only make parents feel proud, but it also helps children become happier and stress-free. It helps creates a positive impact on their emotional and social wellbeing, and it shapes them into becoming a responsible and successful grown up. There’s no better time to begin improving [...]

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Why Every Kid Needs a Quiet Spot

Just like adults, young kids also feel all sorts of emotions. They are born with emotional reactions when they feel happy, sad, angry, frustrated, upset and so on. Recognizing these emotions and managing them isn’t easy for them. They gradually learn about it as they grow older. But while they’re young, expressing their emotions in a socially appropriate way doesn’t come naturally. […]

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