Personal Hygiene for Kids: 6 Habits to Keep Your Child Safe and Healthy

We live in a world where there is an apparent increase in infectious diseases. Diseases are evolving and are certainly not decreasing in number. This is why keeping one’s hands and body clean has become more important now than ever. Personal hygiene is vital to avoid the spread of infections and viruses. And as parents, we play a vital role in instilling in our kids the value of personal hygiene. It’s something that should be taught early in life and be made part of their daily routine.  Be sure to keep your little one safe and healthy by following these [...]

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Boredom Busters for Family Fun at Home

While being at home may have some advantages, such as interacting with your child and spending quality time together, it can also be hard to find fun interactive games to entertain your child. So, creating a weekly list of easy at-home boredom busters can be helpful when planning for the week ahead.  Children’s brains are wired in a way that causes them to crave interactive stimuli. Simply sitting at home, with hours of screen time is not an option. Parent-child interaction is critical and one of the most effective building blocks for physical, cognitive, and emotional development for your child. [...]

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5 Activities that Nurture Parent and Child Relationship

It’s true what they say that becoming a parent is life-changing. As soon as you have that tiny little baby in your arms, things aren’t the same anymore and your whole life is geared toward an entirely new direction. It is no longer just about yourself nor about you and your spouse. You now have another being to take care of, nurture, raise, and build a loving relationship with.  When it comes to parenting, we all share one goal and that is to raise happy and healthy children. This is where the value of the parent and child relationship comes [...]

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6 Exciting Summer Camp Activities You Can Recreate at Home

Kids have various ways of spending their summer breaks. Some prefer to spend most of their free time playing with playmates and having fun. Some make the most of their time to learn new skills. While some others head off to enroll in summer camp programs. And why not? Summer camps are a perfect venue for having fun while acquiring new skills and learning lifelong lessons. But what happens if there are no summer camps? Or your little one just won’t be able to join? It’s kinda sad but don’t worry! There are actually cool ideas you can try to [...]

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5 Tips for Helping Kids Deal with Missed School Activities

The coronavirus pandemic has forced schools from all levels to close. For these children, the abrupt closure left them with feelings of frustration, sadness, and disappointment. Many are missing out on so many major rites of passage such as graduation ceremonies or the prom. Other kids are missing out on their regular school activities like art classes, band practice, sports, or any of their favorite after-school clubs and organizations. Basically, they just miss life with their friends. While everyone initially thought this was just a relatively temporary situation, it seems that school may be out for a while. In many [...]

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Online Learning Tips: Helping Your Child Adjust to Remote Learning

In education, there has long been a slow shift underway toward online instruction. That has accelerated recently, both taxing school systems and forcing major adjustments for all involved. As you and your children adjust to this new set up, it’s important for parents to help their kids establish healthy routines so they can stay focused on learning. Help your kids cope with the transition to remote learning with these online learning tips. Create a schedule Young kids are easier to manage if they are guided with well-established routines. Instead of giving them a free hand on how to go about [...]

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How to Master Working from Home When You Have Kids

After a while working from home, most parents fall into a rhythm and figure out effective ways to juggle work and family life in one setting. If you are new to working from home, it may take a while to figure some of this stuff out. Working from home has its own ups and downs. It lets you spend more time with your kids, focus on their growth, and help with their development without compromising your work and professional goals. However, some parents may struggle to stay productive and keep their sanity intact. Family members, especially kids, may think that [...]

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5 Effective Ways to Help Boost your Child’s Immune System

Keeping ourselves safe in the midst of a worldwide health crisis is a challenge not only for our world leaders but also for us parents who want to keep everyone in the family safe. If we could keep our children away from unwelcome diseases at all times and wrap them up in a plastic bubble, we would, but that’s of course, outrageous and impossible.  So what should we do then? The next best step is to work on boosting our child’s immune system. Luckily we have antibodies that protect us by naturally fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses that make [...]

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How to Make Traveling with Kids Easy and Stress-free

Do you know what’s fun? For a lot of us, that’s traveling the world, exploring new sights and finding new experiences. But do you know what’s even better? Seeing your child’s face light up in joy with beaming smiles as they take in these new experiences with you. Traveling with kids can be a hassle when things don’t go as planned. Luckily, times have changed and traveling with kids has become more convenient.  Thanks to the internet, traveling the world has become more accessible. Planning is as easy as a few clicks of a mouse button. Need to book a [...]

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Your Guide to Helping Children Develop Emotional Literacy

Emotional literacy is the ability to identify, understand, name, and process feelings. Not just your own, but also the feelings expressed by others. This deeply undervalued and unappreciated skill is a better indicator of intelligence and a better predictor of success than IQ. At least that’s what the latest research suggests. So what is it and how can we help cultivate it in our children? Appreciating the nuance A big part of emotional literacy is understanding and embracing just how complex feelings can be. The English language has over 4,000 words that describe feelings. Almost always, what a person is [...]

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