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How to Foster Social Development in Preschoolers

When children reach preschool age, they will begin to interact more with people than before, and discover all sorts of new things about themselves. Around three years of age, toddlers’ selfishness tends to decrease. Their dependency on you will also lessen. This is a signal that youngsters are becoming more secure, and their sense of identity is getting stronger, which is an important part of social development. Your child, who previously played side-by-side with other children, will begin interacting with peers instead.  During this process, young children begin to recognize that not all people are the same as themselves. They [...]

How to Foster Social Development in Preschoolers2021-08-10T15:07:15+00:00

10 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Reading is one of the most essential foundational skills needed to acquire knowledge. In order to help children improve their reading comprehension, it’s important for parents to find ways to help kids hone their skills as they cultivate a love for reading.  When children become more confident in their reading skills, it positively impacts all other aspects of their learning experience. In this post, we will list tips for how to improve reading comprehension. Read aloud It’s easier for many children to understand written material when they read it aloud. This strategy is helpful because it compels them to go [...]

10 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension2021-08-02T13:26:21+00:00

6 Ways to Help your Child Manage Big Emotions

No matter our age, crying is a natural response when we are faced with overwhelming emotions. Children tend to be hit even harder by big emotions because they lack experience with managing intense feelings. Facing big emotions can be a significant challenge for kids until they learn how to manage them effectively. This is not a skill that children acquire overnight. It’s essential for parents to understand that it takes time and patience for children to develop self-awareness and healthy strategies for coping with big emotions.  You can help children manage overwhelming feelings by using the following techniques: Identify the [...]

6 Ways to Help your Child Manage Big Emotions2021-07-21T13:25:15+00:00

How to Raise Happy Kids: 5 Tips for Parents

Raising happy kids is one of the most rewarding aspects of parenting. It’s every parent's goal to provide their children with a happy and healthy childhood and set them up on the path to future success. But how does one successfully raise a happy child? Raising happy children is not equivalent to spoiling them with momentary pleasures or giving in to unrealistic demands. If we strive for true happiness for our children,  it entails equipping them with the skills they need to help them reach their personal goals and achieve fulfillment. You can help your little one develop lifelong habits [...]

How to Raise Happy Kids: 5 Tips for Parents2021-06-22T14:53:14+00:00

6 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Math Anxiety

Math is introduced to young kids as early as preschool and kindergarten. Math lessons begin by teaching children basic numerals and counting, and gradually progressing to addition, subtraction, and more advanced lessons. While some children find math fun and pleasantly challenging, others may not find math to be as enjoyable. Some children even experience a real sense of math anxiety.  Math anxiety is the fear or worries about math. It can be a debilitating problem that prevents some children from learning or excelling in mathematics, which can, in turn, create a vicious cycle in which they struggle academically and even [...]

6 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Math Anxiety2021-06-11T14:19:07+00:00

6 Good Manners Every Child Should be Taught

When we were little, we learned to say things like "Thank you," "Please" and "Excuse me". Now as parents, we find ourselves teaching our kids how to be polite and kind to others. But why is it so important for our kids to learn about good manners? A little politeness goes a long way. As parents, we want our kids to grow up to be polite and courteous individuals who are able to get along with others. Teaching our children how to have good manners is an important part of the parenting process. When we teach our kids the importance [...]

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5 Ways to Practice Peaceful Parenting

We all strive to be the best parents we can be, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. It may feel like we're constantly juggling so many tasks while trying to make our kids happy, all the while attempting to maintain our own sanity. It may seem as though we’re endlessly looking for the most effective parenting as we aim to enforce discipline and manage challenging behavior. Being mindful about how we discipline our children makes a big difference when it comes to their behavior, as well as in our relationships with our kids. This is where the importance of [...]

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4 Tips for Raising Independent Kids

As parents, it’s so important for us to encourage our kids to develop the skills needed to become independent as they grow and develop. Children need to learn how to do certain things for themselves as early as possible in order to help them develop a sense of independence as they grow into self-sufficient adults. The more independent our children are, the less they will need to rely on us. These types of vital life skills help to build their sense of autonomy and increase their confidence when it comes to taking care of themselves. Self-reliance also helps children develop [...]

4 Tips for Raising Independent Kids2021-04-28T13:26:53+00:00

6 Helpful Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents

There is no doubt that being a parent can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. However, parenting can also be challenging and time-consuming. Many parents feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done! The stress of juggling work, family obligations, and personal needs can be overwhelming at times. Many parents find themselves with less time than they would like. If you find yourself caught in a similar dilemma, you might find these time-saving tips handy so you can capture some time for yourself each day. Get everything ready the night before Are mornings [...]

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6 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

Outside four walls of a classroom lies a plethora of learning opportunities for students to learn new skills and acquire knowledge.  These opportunities include things that children may or may not learn in a typical classroom setting. Young kids can learn a tremendous amount by exploring the world around them and participating in extracurricular activities. Taking part in extracurricular activities can benefit children in many ways. In addition to providing children with fun learning opportunities, these activities can also inspire kids to explore new passions and interests. Through extracurricular activities, kids are provided with experiences that help to further enrich [...]

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