Best Preschool in San Antonio

engaging. encouraging. esteem building.

We offer an approach that centers on educating and caring for the whole child — the cognitive, socio-emotional, spiritual and physical. We believe all 4 elements are important and necessary in the life of a child — in each of our lives. In order to facilitate growth in one area, the other components must be viewed and attended to in tandem. Our methodology, comprehensive in nature, supports the simultaneous child development of social skills, physical skills, character, and academics.

At our preschool learning center, we also endeavor to create an experience for you and your child that is an extension of your loving home. Our primary job when you’re at work or managing your career is to help foster and reinforce a positive attitude toward learning in each child entrusted to our care. We accomplish early learning by providing a wide variety of lessons and activities that challenge and pique your child’s interest and curiosity. We place emphasis on building self-esteem, and we help to ensure it with encouragement and the use of materials that your child can master — step by step, level by level. We believe engagement — again, relationships — with peers and staff is important, and we foster communication, cooperation, and community in everything we do.