7 Benefits of Storytelling for Your Child

Nowadays, parents often rely on the convenience that technology brings. They may choose to let their children watch videos if it helps them fall asleep more easily. Although cartoons can keep children happily absorbed, nothing beats the many benefits that come from storytelling during a child’s early years. Do you spend enough time telling stories to your little one? In this post, we will discuss how storytelling is vital to your child's overall development.  Storytelling at home doesn't have to be as involved or complicated as a storytelling session at a library. It can be as simple as telling children [...]

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How to Foster Social Development in Preschoolers

When children reach preschool age, they will begin to interact more with people than before, and discover all sorts of new things about themselves. Around three years of age, toddlers’ selfishness tends to decrease. Their dependency on you will also lessen. This is a signal that youngsters are becoming more secure, and their sense of identity is getting stronger, which is an important part of social development. Your child, who previously played side-by-side with other children, will begin interacting with peers instead.  During this process, young children begin to recognize that not all people are the same as themselves. They [...]

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