10 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Reading is one of the most essential foundational skills needed to acquire knowledge. In order to help children improve their reading comprehension, it’s important for parents to find ways to help kids hone their skills as they cultivate a love for reading.  When children become more confident in their reading skills, it positively impacts all other aspects of their learning experience. In this post, we will list tips for how to improve reading comprehension. Read aloud It’s easier for many children to understand written material when they read it aloud. This strategy is helpful because it compels them to go [...]

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6 Ways to Help your Child Manage Big Emotions

No matter our age, crying is a natural response when we are faced with overwhelming emotions. Children tend to be hit even harder by big emotions because they lack experience with managing intense feelings. Facing big emotions can be a significant challenge for kids until they learn how to manage them effectively. This is not a skill that children acquire overnight. It’s essential for parents to understand that it takes time and patience for children to develop self-awareness and healthy strategies for coping with big emotions.  You can help children manage overwhelming feelings by using the following techniques: Identify the [...]

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