How to Raise Happy Kids: 5 Tips for Parents

Raising happy kids is one of the most rewarding aspects of parenting. It’s every parent's goal to provide their children with a happy and healthy childhood and set them up on the path to future success. But how does one successfully raise a happy child? Raising happy children is not equivalent to spoiling them with momentary pleasures or giving in to unrealistic demands. If we strive for true happiness for our children,  it entails equipping them with the skills they need to help them reach their personal goals and achieve fulfillment. You can help your little one develop lifelong habits [...]

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6 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Math Anxiety

Math is introduced to young kids as early as preschool and kindergarten. Math lessons begin by teaching children basic numerals and counting, and gradually progressing to addition, subtraction, and more advanced lessons. While some children find math fun and pleasantly challenging, others may not find math to be as enjoyable. Some children even experience a real sense of math anxiety.  Math anxiety is the fear or worries about math. It can be a debilitating problem that prevents some children from learning or excelling in mathematics, which can, in turn, create a vicious cycle in which they struggle academically and even [...]

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